Poker Club88 Review – Is It Better Than Most of Its Online Competitors?

Poker Club88 Review – Is It Better Than Most of Its Online Competitors?

Poker Club is a new internet poker site that has just come out of the gate. It looks a lot like the old sites, with big fonts and lots of bells and whistles. You can play poker and have fun, but there are some differences.

For starters, they have simplified their rules and made them easier for the novice players to understand. There are many words like “bet”raise” and so forth. For the beginner this will be an important step.

The other thing they did is they made it harder for the players to get inside the pot. There are no five card stud games, so no betting will do anything unless you get yourself in. There are only five card stud games and if you get into the pot then you will be on your own. Plus, you do not have any dice anymore.

They removed the risk of losing money from the casino game. The change is extremely popular and I think you can understand why. It will be more exciting for players, especially the new players, because they are more concerned about winning the game than about their bankroll.

But how does Poker Club88 stack up against other online poker sites? I say it’s a tie. But, it’s not like they are in any way a disappointment. They still make the game fun and it’s still a challenge.

If you haven’t had a quick trip down to their site yet then it’s worth your time. But, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start playing. The player’s hand selection is even more limited than in the old sites, so a fast draw can turn a decent hand into a disaster.

The tables are a little smaller too, so it takes a little bit longer to develop a solid hand in a good cash game. Also, no more five card studs to help you increase your advantage. It’s just not worth it at all.

So, for players who are willing to take on the disadvantages of the casino game, they may be in for a pleasant surprise. But, if you are only in it for the fun, you’ll have to settle for less excitement.