Hello, my name is Laurel Rudolph. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit my site. I have been happily creating one-of-a-kind bears and their friends since 1994. My critters offer a wide range of styles and sizes.

The only thing they have in common is that they must smile. Please enjoy my creations.

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This is an archive of past creations that have found loving homes. To find my new creations, just click on the “Purchase” button at the top of the page and you’ll be taken to my store.

I grew up in America’s Dairyland. Not on a farm but in its largest city—Milwaukee. It seems like I’ve always sewed. I started out making clothes for my Barbie doll by hand. My mother, who sewed most of my clothes as long as I can remember, had me practice straight lines and circles on the sewing machine before I tackled a pattern. During high school I took Home Economics classes where I honed the skills that my mother had taught me.

A lot of the gifts I made for family and friends were hand sewn items. In the late 1970s I caught the cabbage patch craze. From there I moved on to bears from commercial patterns.

When I left Wisconsin I wanted to leave a remembrance for some friends at work. The only fabric I was familiar with was the acrylic fur I saw in local fabric stores. I found working on acrylic fabric challenging because it was so thick and hard to work with but I enjoyed the process of making the bears so the challenge was worth it. I had caught the bear bug!

One day while I was grocery shopping I walked past the magazine rack and saw a Teddy Bear and Friends magazine. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “a whole magazine devoted to bear making!” As I leafed through the pages I found a store on the other side of town that had bear making supplies and knew I just had to see it. There I was introduced to the wonderful world of mohair. This fabric was a dream to work on. The only concern I had at the beginning was the cost. I was afraid to cut into something that was ten times as expensive. Gradually I was lured by the many styles and colors available and my concerns faded away. Now I’ll do just about anything to a piece of mohair, short of running over it with my car, to get the effect I want.

I am now loving my life in Athens, Georgia. When I’m not creating creatures, I enjoy spending time with my family—especially my grandchildren. I’m also a writer, a hula hooper, a piano player, and a choral singer.